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Four Season Noodle

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Our Four Season Noodle are produced daily from fresh and natural ingredients. There are no preservatives or artificial colorings added. Our noodles have low fat content with a springy and chewy texture. Serving styles are versatile as the noodle can be cooked with different seasonings and sauces to prepare a range of appetizing dishes with unique tastes and aromas. Our noodle are suitable for vegetarians.

Our Ramen Noodle can be cooked or served in a variety of ways such as stir-fry, in soup or with INTL Signature Dry Noodle Sauce. 

🍅 Tomato Ramen

Ingredients : 

  • Tomato Flour, Wheat Flour, Water, Salt 

🎃 Pumpkin Ramen

Ingredients : 

  • Pumpkin Flour, Wheat Flour, Water, Salt 

🍠 Sweet Potato Ramen

Ingredients : 

  • Sweet Potato Flour, Wheat Flour, Water, Salt 

🥬 Spinach Ramen

Ingredients : 

  • Spinach Flour, Wheat Flour, Water, Salt 

Cooking Instruction:

Let us show you in just few simple steps to get it done. Easy, Fast & Delicious way to serve our Ramen Noodle in just 10 minutes time.

Step 1: Cook noodle in boiling water for 10 sec. 

Step 2: Rinse noodle in cool water for 10 sec. 

Step 3: Continue to cook noodle for another 5 mins. 

Step 4: Mix the noodle with our INTL Signature Dry Noodle Sauce.

Now you can enjoy a bowl of Premium Four Season Noodle with your family & loves one. 

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